This wonderful book has quickly become my daughter's favourite, we read it every night without fail. It is so beautifully illustrated and the story is so clever that it touches me as well as my daughter. Absolutely brilliant. LYNN
I have often used the powerpoint of 'The Good Artist' in West Cornwall primary school assemblies which the children and staff have really enjoyed. Following the assemblies I sometimes have given copies of the book for use in school libraries. DAVID
I cannot recommend this book more highly. As regional evangelist I recently bought 200 copies of this book and gave away more than half in one single family service. I used the Power Point Presentation, which is available when you buy the book as a children's address and then gave each child or family with a child or grandchild a copy of the book. One father told me that he had been trying to explain about Jesus to his children with some difficulty and that the book clearly put the Gospel message into words that his children could understand. This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to tell children and families about the Gospel Message. DERRICK